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We are able to install & maintain smoke & fire alarms

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Fire Alarm Installer Dover

Grade A LD1, LD2 & LD3 Fire Alarms

You can depend on Fire and Security Protection to ensure your fire protection equipment is in premium condition. We are one of the leading fire protection companies offering a wide range of services including fire hose protection, fire sprinkler system inspection, smoke detector inspection services, and fire alarm system testing.

Fire Alarm Systems Kent

Home smoke detection & fire alarms

You are twice as likely to die in a house fire that has no smoke alarm than a house that does. Buying a smoke alarm could help save your home and the lives of you and your family.

Fire Alarms Systems In Kent

Wireless fire and smoke detection

Our wireless smoke alarms can be linked to mobile devices and can warn homeowners even when they're out. Additionally, if a homeowner fits multiple alarms in different rooms of a house it can alert them to which room the danger is in.

Fire Alarms Dover

Smoke Alarm Maintenance (24 hrs / 365 days)

We test smoke detectors for functionality, as well as all bells and sounders to check sound levels throughout the building. We also check fire panels, battery back-up and installations. We provide certification detailing our inspection procedures and outlining any issues that may arise.

Fire Alarms Kent

Fire Alarm Maintenance (24 hrs / 365 days)

Fire Alarm Testing is an absolutely essential component of Health & Safety for any employer. Ensuring that a company’s Fire Alarm Systems are tested should be a matter of routine.


Fire Alarms Systems In Dover

Monitoring (24 hrs / 365 days)

Everyone of our smoke detectors are monitored round-the-clock by a Alarm Receiving Centre.

Monitored fire alarms ensure an instant response even when the building is empty


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